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Whats The Story Do Social Drinkers Age Faster

Partaking in the occasional glass of drink here and there in the comfort of your own home our out with friends won't do you a great deal of harm and indeed could be good for you. However an increasing trend amongst people out drinking is 'binge drinking' or drinking to excess which will do significant damage to the ability of maintaining youthful looks in the future. Whilst youngsters might not realise it their foolish behaviour now could easily come back to haunt them in the future with alcohol associated health problems as they get older. Indeed they may also be unaware that they will actually age faster than those who abstain or drink only in moderation. Alcohol dehydrates you and by drinking a lot of alcohol the effect of the dehydration is magnified which causes the skin to become less well hydrated and there by becomes dry and lifeless. Applying moisturizers will not compensate for the lack of hydration from within.

A majority of excess drinking in people is at parties and that sort of environment. This means the room is likely to be smoked filled and this combined with the excess alcohol can very quickly lead to skin aging. By making the right or wrong lifestyle choices today you define how you will look in the future. Those who abuse their body will be unhealthy looking and age quicker in the future. It is now days not uncommon to see young guys and girls with excess fat around their waistlines and much of that can be attributed to them consuming excessive amounts of alcohol.

The kids of today have an attitude which is looking forward to today not living for tomorrow that previous generations had. But at sometime this attitude will mean that todays young men and women will pay for their mistakes and those with young good looks now will soon suffer in the future. I don't want to suggest people should stop enjoying life as that is essential to stay young. All I do suggest is that before subjecting your body to excess give some thought for the fact you might regret those rash actions some time in the future. Just don't forget moderation is the key to success in everything.

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