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Is Cardio Enough to Lose Weight

We all know that if we want to lose weight we must start doing some sort of exercise.Our first port of call will be looking at some method of cardio exercise s well as controlling our diet. Anything that is going to make your heart pump faster,and make your breathing more laboured for a certain level of time can be considered as cardio exercise(obviously you will get similar symptoms with panic attacks but please don't think that his is any form of cardio). Cardio exercise has many benefits apart from weight loss.

Cardio will give you more stamina and more endurance. It will improve the health of your heart, and it will improve the ability of your lungs to the point where your body can receive more oxygen more easily. The more oxygen you can get into your body, the more energy you will have. Cardio will also have a positive effect on your body's abilities to cope with stress.

Cardio exercise can be performed through various methods such as brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, using a stepper and so on. The method will depend on your preference. While engaged in cardio exercise you will without doubt burn calories.

However this will come to a halt shortly after finshing cardio. If you want greater benefits and greater results than there is something that you need to do along with your cardio exercise. This method is to start weight training.

Most of the population is unaware of how valuable training with weights can be when it comes to losing weight successfully. When you are weight training, your metabolism gets a huge boost. Not only does it burn calories while you are training, it continues to burn calories for many hours after you have stopped training.

As we get older we naturally start losing muscle and in later life this can cause problems with joints, bones and our abilities to lose weight. So it's important that we do what we can not only to keep muscle but to increase it where we can. Weight training is not just about bodybuilding or power lifting.

In sport weight training has become the norm today regardless of what sport an athelete maybe involved in.Weight taining is not just for Mr Olympia. When you only do cardio, you will lose weight. Keep in mind that some of the weight that you lose will be muscle and not just fat.

This is something that really needs to be avoided. The fact is that the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you will burn. Your body requires many more calories to keep muscle on your body compared to what it takes to keep fat on your body.

When you cut back on calories and start cardio, your body will try to get rid of muscle because it is calorie expensive. This will have a negative effect on your body when it comes to weight loss. Weight training has many benefits and should be an important part of a weight loss program. Weight training will make you stronger.

It will allow your body to burn more calories. It will offset the natural muscle loss that comes with age. It will make you look better. The added muscle will benefit your joints and bones. Your body will look toned and healthy.

You will feel more confident within yourself. Throughout time a strong physique has received respect. As you can see weight loss is only one benefit you will receive from weight training.

Everyone should have some sort of weight training routine in their exercise program because the benefits of it are too numerous to ignore. Weight training doesn't have to mean grunting and groaning in a gym. If you have not trained with weights before or haven't trained for a long time then you can start with bodyweight exercise. Weight training is about pushing or pulling at a weight.

Your body can act as this weight through exercises like push ups, free squats, crunches and pull ups. When you think you are ready for the next step,you can join a gym or buy your own weights,which are pretty cheap if you buy used ones. This will save you the time and membership fees of going to a gym. A combination of weight training and cardio will greatly reap you better rewards.

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