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Learn from the Dogs

I have a little walking companion. Sydney. She's a pug/beagle mix and she's a fired up, always excited little hound.

During the day when Syd is at home she spends a good part of the day doing what dogs do, sleeping. She usually does that up in my daughter's bedroom. Then there's the time when it's time to go.

I go to the bottom of the stairs and whistle and I can immediately hear her feet hit the floor and she comes down the stairs with tail waggin and this happy look on her face. Who said that animals don't smile? So then we go through the ritual. I go in the garage and get her collar and leash and she comes into the kitchen all excited to go. She knows it's time to go on the daily stroll and she's ready.

I often hear people say that animals are dumb and have no emotions or feeling. Well I'm hear to tell you that a lot of animals are smarter then a lot of people. You see, animals just get after it. The get after it that I'm talking about is they move whenever the opportunity presents itself .

Not only do they move but they move with a passion and conviction. As I go through my day and come in contact with the many people that I get to meet I wonder about this dumb animal thing. Seems to me that it's not so much that they know something that we don't, you have to move to stay healthy, but they're smart enough to do it whenever the opportunity exists. This country needs some movement and we need it on a large scale. We need adults to buy into it so that they can teach their children how to do it.

Sitting on one's arse and expecting that you can do nothing and eat whatever you want is not the answer if you're planning to live a long, productive life. During my life I've heard sick people say, " If I only had my health". So how much is it worth? If you don't have your health you know how difficult it can be. If you do have your health you better do what you can to keep it.

Whatever your case try to do something to make yourself stronger. It will affect your health in a positive way. Get yourself in motion. Do what the animals do to stay healthy and fit.

Move and move with passion. -Fred Nicklaus.

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