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Treatment of Diabetes Is It Surgery

Diabetes develops when the body is not able to produce insulin the right way. Hence, there may be too little insulin in the body to regulate the blood sugar level or if the insulin is in the body, it might not have been used effectively thereby leading to diabetes. These two cases fall under two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes may occur when there is no or too little insulin in the body that is the first case and type 2 diabetes may occur when the insulin of the body is not used effectively as in second case.

Diabetes is taking the shape of grave disease with change in time. Near about to seven percentage of population in United States currently suffers from the disease. Most of these cases lie under type 2 diabetes. Diabetes patients are initially treated with a healthy, well-balanced diet and regular exercising. A well-balanced diet and exercising helps in maintaining blood sugar level in the body. Regular exercise and healthy diet controls the body weight thereby controlling diabetes.

If dieting and exercising do not help, than other modes of treatment like giving oral medications and Insulin shots are the next steps of the Diabetes treatment. Weight-loss surgery is a very effective way of Diabetes treatment. People who suffer from Type 2 diabetics are more likely to respond to weight loss surgery rather than other modes of treatment. There are two categories of Weight loss surgery- gastric-bypass and lap-band surgery.

It is said that diabetes patients respond fast to weight-loss surgery while it takes more time for their body to respond to any other mode of treatment. Initially, Gastric-bypass surgery was considered to be more fruitful than the lap-band surgery because there were some changes in the hormones in the body while doing the lap-band surgery. But fortunately, the surgeons proved wrong and the lap-band surgery also brought about the same changes as gastric-bypass surgery without any complications and side-effects. Both the methods of weight loss surgery follow different ways to operate.

Under lap-band method, a silicone band is tied around the upper area of the stomach thereby bounding eating. While under Gastric-bypass surgery, the stomach is divided into two smaller and larger portions, the upper pouch and the lower pouch thereby rearranging the small intestine. It has been found that in United States, 84 percent of patients falling under type 2 diabetes get treated by gastric-bypass surgery.

But unfortunately, the death-rate compares between Gastric-bypass surgery and Lap-band surgery is 1 in every 200 and 1 in every 2000 respectively. Lap-band surgery carries very low complications rate as compared to Gastric-bypass surgery and is very much safe, the reason being removal of gall bladder in case of gastric-band surgery. Insulin and Oral medications are the preferred choice of treatment for diabetes patients. If dieting and exercising do not give the desired results, than Insulin shots and medications are the second step of treatment. The requirement for Insulin shots, oral medications, exercising and dieting is eradicated if patient is given lap-band surgery.

People with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and fat, especially obese people with mass index above 40 react fast to lap-band surgery as compared to other modes of treatment. If excess weight of the body is minimized, than diabetes treatment gives better results. Nearly 76% of diabetics benefit from the above mentioned modes of treatment. Scientists are finding the reason for obesity being the major cause of diabetes, and the reason for weight loss being the major treatment in controlling diabetes. Insulin's reaction in the body is stimulated by excess fat and cholesterol in the body.

Tests are also being done to identify the the role of fatty acids in the blood and the hormones produced by fat in the body that regulate Insulin.

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