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Toddlers With Diabetes Tips For Success

If your child is under the age of two and has been diagnosed with diabetes, know that there are many alternatives and options available that will control this condition and ensure your child has a happy, healthy, and normal childhood. The number of toddlers with diabetes is increasing, so know that you are not alone. Diabetes is a condition where the pancreas does not process sugar effectively. Since there are many different types of diabetes, ask your physician to explain the exact condition that affects your child. Also, consider seeking out parents of other diabetic toddlers in your area to glean information and support from individuals who are in your shoes. * Learn About The Disease * Diabetes can be frightening to anyone, but especially a parent of a toddler with diabetes.

Instead of allowing the disease to take over your life, strive to learn as much as possible about the specific type of diabetes that affects your child. Also, be sure to learn the side effects of diabetes and any symptoms that you should be aware of that are associated with a potential problem caused by the disease. By educating yourself, you take away some of the unexpected associated with any disease that affects a child.

Finally, learn about the proper ways to care for your child and exactly what medications or medical techniques are necessary in controlling this condition. Many toddlers with diabetes can control the condition by switching to a favorable diet. * Test Blood Sugars Often * Especially with children , testing blood sugar can be difficult.

However, this task is necessary in order to determine if your child is having problems so that you can stop any potentially deadly problems before they start. Since a blood sugar test typically involves a pin prick, consider ways to make the entire process less scary and painful for your child. There are several high quality testing monitors on the market that are made especially for youngsters with diabetes. Also, speak with your child and let him or her know the exact reason why this test needs to be performed. Education is the key to understanding. * Develop A Schedule * Schedules are important in the life of any child, but especially one that has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.

By developing a schedule for your child and ensuring that he or she sticks to it, you are working diligently to control the diabetes. This schedule is especially important when it comes to meal times. Most diabetics need to eat smaller meals more frequently. With small children, consider developing a game that will allow him or her to stick to the schedule without feeling regimented. As you child grows and enters into schooling, you should maintain this schedule to prevent potential problems from developing during the day. * Plan For The Worst * If you properly control the disease, the risks of complications or problems are less likely to happen.

However, you should always have a plan in mind in the event the worst does happen. Create a special diabetes station in your home and be sure that everyone in your home (even another child) knows how to use the equipment properly. You may also need to teach your child that suffers from diabetes on the correct way to use the medical equipment in case he or she needs to self medicate.

By developing a plan, everyone will know exactly what to do and panic will be avoided so that the problem can be solved immediately. This is also the case when you are traveling. Carry a small kit just in case your diabetic child should have to need medicine to stop a potential problem.

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