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The Art and Science of Physical Invincibility

I once saw an old farmer lift the rear end of a pickup truck and push it off the ice where it was spinning its wheels. He had never touched a weight in his life. But that's nothing compared to the little old ladies who have performed the same feat in an emergency! Here's another one for you to chew on. A nine-year-old boy playing on a construction site had an 1800-pound cast iron pipe roll onto him.

As he struggled in the sand, a passerby who was a 56-year-old heart patient ran up and lifted the pipe off the boy's head. By the way, how's your dead lift? These are amazing and true accounts of superhuman strength performed by ordinary people. You've got to be wondering as I once did how can you tap into the source of such power? Oddly, the creation of such a mighty force does not require bulging muscles. If you will for a moment, consider a fire hose. When not in use, it is soft and pliable, but when water is flowing through it, not even the strongest of men can bend it. Actually, the body itself has twelve similar hoses, called meridians.

You can consider these as internal rivers of energy that connect to your organs. Your internal water is an electrically and magnetically charged flow of liquid crystals on which the force of life travels. The ancients called this force Qi (Chi). The stronger the flow, the healthier and more vital you become. Your body also has eight storage locations that act as batteries for this power. Can you remember a time when your car's battery did'nt have enough juice to turn over its engine? Well, I'm going to show you how you can supercharge your body's engine to performance levels that you've only dreamed about until now.

When NASA scientists discovered that an absence of exposure to the earth's magnetic field results in a loss of bone density, they installed magnetic field generators in all manned spaceships. When your bone marrow shrinks and dies, so does your immune system and cell production. You can see why the experts place so much importance on magnetism. Do you know the earth has lost more than 90% of its original magnetism? Some researchers believe that if it loses much more, life on earth will become impossible.

Do you think increasing your own physical magnetic field might be a good idea? The ancient Qi Gong masters recognized this impending reduction thousands of years ago. They designed exercises to combat this loss and employed magnetic lodestones. Additionally, these masters used "iron Qi balls" to heal and strengthen the body. Recently, I heard a Qi Gong master who was famous for her use of Empty Force state that this practice will make you seven times stronger than the average person. And that was without using Magnets and Iron ThunderBalls! This is why I use 12,500-Gauss Rare Earth Magnets embedded in our specially designed Magnetic ThunderBalls.

For the first time, the secret is revealed in my step-by-step, easy-to-understand program. The Art and Science of Physical Invincibility will at last disclose how you can transform yourself from a mortal, disease-prone human into a super-being! Science already knows how powerful Qi gong can be. I thought --what if I took an ancient Qi gong practice to strengthen the internal body, organs, and bone marrow, which Is the source of your blood cells and immune function, and did this standing on magnets? Then added to the practice a special breathing pattern? Wow! I could'nt believe the power. I Instantly supercharged my physical body beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Fourth century master Ge Hong said, If one cannot obtain medicines one can still live to several hundred years of age, if one fully grasps the principles of cultivating Qi (Chi) and practices daily. Little did I know this secret goes as far back as the yellow emperor's classic on internal medicine of around the second century. Then there was the Tibetan sage and his wise advice, with which I've grown younger and younger. I oddly came across a study, after my experience in the shower, at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas by Dr. Elmer Green. It was dubbed The Cooper Wall Project, and was conducted from 1983 to 1995.

It was inspired by Dr. Green when he discovered a letter written from a Tibetan sage to the editor of the most popular English newspaper of the late 1800s in India. The letter described how the meditation experience of monks was greatly enhanced by applying magnetic energies while they sat facing a polished copper wall. When the study was done in Kansas, Dr. Green and his researchers found phenomena; electromagnetic surges from meditators could be captured and measured form the copper wall they faced.

When Stanford University physicist, Dr. W. Tiller studied the test results he found this potent energy surge had originated from the meditators lower abdomen. This is the point called the Dan Tian in Qi gong. It should be noted these surges were 10,000 times greater than those recorded from EKG readings, and over 100,000 times greater than those from an EEG machine. Can you see how all this makes sense? Can you just imagine the results you'll derive from the combination of coupling magnets with Qi gong practices, largely kept secret for thousands of years? Sound almost to good to be true? AlI can say is that everyone who has applied the Magnetic Qi Gong program on a daily basis has received phenomenal results! Now, for the 1st time you can share in this discovery.

Why wait? In a turbulent world where the media bounces us around like a cork on a stormy sea, is there any way to avoid agitation? Uncertainty often disturbs our mental peace, resulting in irritation. This is why being uncertain of an outcome can lead to ulcers. It has been said, "Ulcers are not about what you eat, but what's eating you!" Ulcers exemplify a mental irritation converting into a physical irritation. This is the premise that supports psychosomatic medicine. Not only do you become what you think about, but you get what you think about. Your thoughts are both creative and magnetic.

Focus on uncertainty and you'll get more uncertainty. Having the earth move under your feet is but a natural human condition. Being comfortable with it is a rare and unusual occurrence. There is nothing permanent except change. Once this is digested and accepted on a deep inner level, you will have found the still point within yourself. Don't misunderstand me.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't seek a more secure life, only that you should realize that security is a rolling mirror. Everything is always changing and always will. Your physical health is a process of constant rebalancing. In truth, you are only as healthy as your present state of happiness.

Happiness follows acceptance. What is is what is. When this is truly appreciated, peace appears and the balance point will be found. For many people, some of the greatest, most potent experiences of inner peace have occurred in the midst of the greatest turmoil.

When there is nothing left to grab hold of, the still point is found. During a visit with my mentor, he throws me a doll. I reach for the catch but miss. The doll lands on the floor in an upright position.

Rosen explains the secret of the doll's balance by saying, "The entire weight of the doll is placed just below the navel. This is also the balance point of the human body. Pay attention to this location and peace will replace irritation. Practicing my Magnetic Qi Gong daily, with concentration, will naturally bolster your balancing point. The rolling mirror of the world may display 10,000 different images, yet you need not get distracted. Irritation is an illusion when you have found the still point.

Peter Ragnar is an internationally renowned health & longevity pioneer. He is also a best selling author, mentalist, and martial artist. To learn more about Peter's book, The Art and Science of Physical Invincibility, visit Roaring Lion Publishing

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