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Step by Step Walking for the Cancer Cause

Most people in the UK know at least one person whose life has been seriously affected by cancer, and as a result, many people are very keen to do something - anything - to help improve the lives of people living with cancer. At first you may think that the battle against cancer is only fought in hospitals and laboratories, where scientists conduct research in an effort to develop new cures; but in fact, every single one of us can help by raising money for cancer charities, which helps support those affected by cancer and funds new research into new treatments. Over the years, more and more extravagant ways of raising money through sponsorship have been dreamed up; cycling through the Sahara desert on a monocycle, running the London marathon - in a diving suit; jumping out of a plane - naked. The imagination and determination of fundraisers is the only limit to the world of wacky charity trips. However, one of the most popular ways to raise money is still the tried-and-tested charity walk.

The beauty of this form of fundraising is that everyone can join in, from toddlers to teenagers and OAPs, and it can be done anywhere, from capital cities to rural regions. Walking events, such as Walk Wonders which raises funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, also have the bonus of bringing together a group a people for a communal cause. In addition, unlike more extravagant fundraising activities, there's no expensive set up costs involved. There are a selection of organised walks that take place across the UK all year round, which range from short family fun walks, to much longer hikes and even multi-day adventures. Most ask for no minimum amount of funds to be raised - every little helps. But, if you find that there is no organised cancer charity walk or other fundraising event in your area, why not hold your own? Many cancer charities offer assistance to those looking to set up their own event, and offer support and exposure through their organisations.

People take part in cancer charity walks for different reasons. Some are former sufferers who have recovered and want to give something back; some have a friend or family member who are currently undergoing treatment or want to honour a loved one who has passed away, and many just want to do something positive for those less fortunate than themselves. Whatever your reason for wanting to take part, walking to raise funds for cancer is a meaningful way for people to contribute to a great cause, enjoy a healthy activity and participate in a collective family outing.

Adam Singleton is an online, freelance journalist and keen gardener. He lives in Scotland with his two dogs.

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