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Is The Zone Diet Right For You

With all of the diet choices available in today's market; it can be hard to choose the right one. Most diets will work but not every diet is right for every person. Some diets will work better for some people than with others. Another thing to take into consideration is the health risks and/or side effects of diets.

Take, for example, The Zone Diet, while it is one of the most dependable diets on today's market; it has its' critics. Whether or not you should try this diet depends on your current health condition and how fast you wish to loose the weight. The Schematics The Zone Diet works by balancing insulin (also known as body sugar glucose).

In order to achieve this balance, dieters must adhere to a strict diet consisting of high protein, high carbohydrates, and even fat. When insulin production is controlled, the body is able to excess fat, use up more energy, and keep hunger in check. The Rush: If you are extremely overweight and need to loose weight in a relatively fast amount of time, then The Zone Diet will work for you. Studies have found that dieters using The Zone Diet lost more weight faster and gained more muscles, compared to dieters using other methods.

Pre-Diabetics & Other Health Issues: The Zone Diet is an excellent choice for people who may be pre-diabetic or are experiencing fluctuating insulin levels. The Zone Diet was created to even out insulin levels and keep them stable. People with health problems such as high cholesterol may want to choose another form of diet. The Zone Diet is high in fat and carbohydrates and critics point out that it is lacking in many nutrients.

The Program : What does The Zone Diet look like? Dieters must adhere to a strict regime: eat a Zone meal within one hour after waking; eat every 4 - 6 hours whether you are hungry or not; drink eight 8 oz glasses of water every day; eat two snacks daily which contain a serving of protein. A daily meal plan may look something like this: Breakfast: Egg omelet made with green vegetable (such as asparagus and/or broccoli) and olive oil; 2/3 cup of whole grain, and 1 cup of fresh berries. Lunch: A salad with 3 oz of steak (olive oil dressing), 1 serving of fresh fruit.

Late Afternoon Snack 2 egg whites and hummus Dinner: A portion of fish, 2 cups of vegetables, 1 cup of mixed fruit for dessert Late-nigh snack 1 oz of cheese and 1 glass of wine.


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