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How to have a night out and lose weight

The five easy to take steps to help you stay on track. Over the time I have been a trainer this is probably the single biggest hurdle in the road when trying to lose fat. Let's look at why. When you go out you often eat all sorts of foods, and drink.

When I first work with people I do insist on no alcohol for 30 days, as it really does slow down fat loss. I do recognise that for nutrition strategy to be effective then it has to be manageable long term and if that means the occasional drink then that is fine. So why can a night out be so destructive? Did you know that in one bottle of wine there can be 750 Kcals.

A pint of lager about 200 Kcals. These are high calorie products. Imagine you drank a whole bottle of wine, that is actually half the recommended daily amount of calories for a woman. The main thing to consider is that most of these calories are coming from sugars.

Yes alcohol is a type of sugar. This is very important when we think about a strategy for when you go out. If you go out for a meal then sometimes you can just say blow the healthy eating plan and pick anything you like off of the menu and often eat to the point where you have to undue a button or two. The real key to going out and staying on track with a fat loss program is to plan. Yes I know what your saying, I keep on harping on and on about planning (if you have read any of my other articles). Well this is easy.

1. If you are going out for a drink avoid carbohydrate rich foods before you go out. You will be consuming so much carbohydrate from the drink, the equivalent to 35 teaspoons of sugar in one bottle of wine. So stick to high protein and healthy fat meal. Maybe some steak or chicken and salad with a high quality dressing, this will keep you full and help prevent the alcohol getting to your head really quick. One of my clients has been trying this recently and she has even found she gets less of a hangover.

Although I'm not sure about that. 2. When you go out for a meal have a look at the whole menu.

Think about what you really want. Make sure you have something that you are going to enjoy and will fill you up. Then before you order think about how you want to feel afterwards. I know from personal experience if I have a pizza or pasta I just want to go straight to sleep.

If I have a Chicken Ceaser salad I have lots of energy and my stomach doesn't feel like it is about to explode. When you have decided what your going to eat order it, and remember you can ask them to prepare food slightly differently. For example, you can ask for the dressing to be served separately so that you choose how much goes on. When your food comes, eat slowly.

I often try and put my knife and fork down during in between mouthfuls. When you take your time your stomach often has time to keep up with your mouth and sends a message when it's full. Make sure your listening. 3. Thirdly, drink water. If you have slipped a little then your body will probably want to flush chemicals out of your body, it needs water to do this.

Try to drink water through out the night and then about 1 litre before you go to bed. You will probably find you will feel much better in the morning. Remember that your urine should be a pale colour to show you are hydrated and not flushing chemicals out.

4. Pull it back together. Just because you had one night astray you need to get straight back on the wagon. Get your eating straight and your exercise back on track and often their will be little or no evidence that you have been off course. 5. Finally, enjoy your self.

Many people lose focus on their goals when they stop having fun. So have some fun, keep your goals in mind and follow these simple steps and you will be surprised how effective they are.

Matt Murphy is a top fitness coach who specializes in results based training, to find out more about his training methods or to learn more visit his website at http://www.OptimiseU.com or the blog at http://mattmurphysolutions.blogspot.com/

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