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How To Get Mobile Again With Light Weight Wheelchairs

By using a ultra lightweight wheelchair we can begin to lead life as noraml as is possible with a wheelchair. With the development of wheelchairs wich have become more lightweight we have more options and hence become more independent person.

There are many benefits to owning a ultrs lightweight wheelchair over a more traditional manual wheelchair.

The word lightweight alone gives us our first advantage as they weigh as little as 19lbs with this we are able to propel ourselves around, lift the chair into the car and generally man handle them easier.

Another advantage is the wheelchair can be operated by battery, in this way we can move around with a minimum of effort. A very good plus point is it is useful for a patient who is lacking strength to move the wheelchair themselves which improves the mobility.

Normal wheelchair can be very awkward because of the weight.

Luckily, lightweight wheelchairs are already out in the market for a while. Most of this kind of wheelchair are coded as K0004 which lessens the cost as compared to a regular manual wheelchair.

When it comes to the price, lightweight wheelchairs are very inexpensive compared so when you are deciding to buy a lightweight wheelchair, you should try to consider its functionality.

He is a few move ideas to consider before spending money on a new lightweight wheelchair:

Most of the ultra lightweight wheelchair weighs 29 to 33 pounds. This is appropriate for moving and for daily use but others can weigh far less.

Most lightweight wheelchairs have flexible back heights, flip-back armrest, seats and quick-release functionality.

Choose a wheelchair with a changeable tire. Do not go for a wheelchair that requires the entire wheel unit to be changed whoch is an advantage for cost too.

If the wheelchair has already flip-back arms, you will not need a wheelchair with removable arms anymore.

Flip-backs will be enough and can already satisfy the users needs.

A strong frame, arm rests, leg rest and a good brake are some of the important features which you should look for when buying a ultra lightweight wheelchairs or any wheelchair in fact.

Use these pointers and with some extra study and research you will be more assured to find the best quality ultra lightweight wheelchair available in the market today

Remember to let the person realize that it is not a sign of his being disabled. Instead, let the person know that his ultra lightweight wheelchair is the tool for him or her to start a new life again and once again be independent and too enjoy life and freedom like everyone else.


About the Author (text)Simon is the author of ultra light wheelchairs website that discusses mant topics involving wheelchairs.

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