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How to Choose a Highly Trained Doctor and Feel Safe About Your Surgery Abroad

With the rise of the medical tourism industry is an increase in doctors going to developed countries to gain their training. These doctors are leaving their homeland to study abroad, and then returning to their countries to aid in providing top quality medical care to fellow countrymen and medical tourists alike. When questioned, many are quick to agree that they could be making substantially higher wages in the developed countries, but their desire is to be in their homeland. Not all doctors have had international training, but that does not mean that they are not top quality doctors. Some of the finest medical schools are in countries such as India. When trying to decide which doctor to outsource medical needs to, a patient should use the same process as would be used at home.

It is imperative that references are done and credentials are confirmed. JCI and IOS accredited facilities are the most likely to have doctors that are highly trained. It is not enough to offer resort type accommodations in brand new buildings with world class doctors. Administrators recognize that in order to attract medical tourists, it is necessary to meet the strictest of standards and provide top quality service. The majority of marketed facilities that offer medical tourism are accredited by the IOS (International Organization of Standardization) and the JCI (Joint Commission International). The IOS is an organization made up of members from countries all over the world, as is the JCI.

Both organizations offer standards that have been drafted with the intent of providing a framework for operation and measurable outcomes. The JCI website is www.jointcommissioninternational.com and gives a complete listing of all international facilities that are accredited. Each listing gives the date of accreditation and the date of re-accreditation, if applicable.

You can also review what some of the standards are, what the accreditation process is, and pending standards. Both organizations have developed the standards with the input of members that represent all world regions. (North America, Central and Latin America, Asia and the Pacific Rim, Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). A wise person would consult the accredited facilities listing, prior to determining which to have a procedure done at. If you are having a medical procedure done, rest assured that you will be cared for by highly qualified staff, if you are checked accessing credible doctors and facilities.

You will want to check the policies concerning recovery care and monitoring as well. Those adhering to the JCI standards pay particular attention to monitoring patients throughout the recovery period. Common practice in developed countries is that patients find that they are left in the care of nurses aids over the weekend. With few exceptions, medical tourism facilities mandate that monitoring is done by the doctor, not nurses, weekends and holidays included. Most tourists report that they were allowed to stay for a full recovery period, and that staff were very attentive.

Again, taking the time to check the specific practices and staffing of the facility you are considering will save potential problems later on. Are you still wondering if the doctors in other countries are as good as the ones in your homeland? Granted, it is a new concept for the average person to consider traveling abroad for medical services. One has to think logically.

If a person would travel thousands of miles to vacation, why not travel that far to have a medical procedure done? If a person is willing to risk having a foreign doctor perform the procedure in the developed country (E.G. a cardiologist from India, working in Chicago) why does that person not trust going to the same caliber cardiologist in the country of India itself? There are few medical facilities in developed countries who do not have foreign doctors working in them. Often times, going to a specialist means that you will see a doctor who is trained in both your homeland and their homeland.

They are some of the best in the world. Lower cost certainly does not mean lower quality! Case studies and statistics verify that medical tourism offers top quality medical care in accredited facilities. Reading such cases will be an encouragement to you, as you realize that millions have traveled abroad to receive their medical treatment, and consider that their experience was actually superior to what they have previously had at home! For years, the only press given was that of the back alley practices in foreign lands. There have been many stories aired about poor sanitation that has led to infection, and those that have had poor surgery which has led to extensive scaring.

Those random stories are not the norm and can be found in every country, including the one you currently reside in. If a person is willing to fully research the hospitals and the doctor's credentials in their homeland, why not check the ones abroad, save money, and enjoy a vacation by choosing a facility abroad? Copyright (c) 2008 Medical-Tourism-Guide.com.

Jay Siva is the author of the best seller book "The Complete Guide to Medical Tourism". He reveals vital information on how to successfully plan your medical trip abroad, find discount airfare, American-trained doctors, and internationally- accredited hospitals. You 'll find out such things as how to pick your treatment destination, what you can expect to pay for specific surgical procedures and so much more.

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