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How Do I Get Clear Skin The Question That Plagues You

Have your friends ever made you wonder, how do I get clear skin like her all blemish less and beautiful and that too without any effort?" No matter what makeup you use you always end up looking more or less like a strawberry. Acne, spots from zits all over your face leaves little space for any other thing. Well the good news is that you are not facing it alone, the better news is that getting a pimple free skin is possible. If you have acne prone skin you need to follow a strict routine almost always and sulking does not make things easier. Your friends might lead a reckless life and still get away with it, but pimple prone skin is problem skin and it needs attention. There is the regular cleaning, scrubbing, using masks and applying medicine cycle, and there are the other important pointers about diet and your general lifestyle.

Coming to diets, though chocolates, fatty and starchy food are strictly prohibited for people suffering from zits, abstaining from chocolates is impossible. Try not to make your diet look so impossible, instead include lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and tons of water in your daily diet. Proteins too fight pimples, so indulge in poultry, egg white and fish. Finally make sure you are stress free, and exercises might be of help here. Other important reminders would be to avoid using too much makeup and definitely removing it before you retire at night as it clogs pores.

The other important thing is not to use too much cleanser containing bacteria killing substances. Overdoing it may just aggravate the problem. Breakthrough methods in the treatment of acne Adult acne can be both physically and mentally scarring for many individuals, fortunately recent scientific progress has resulted in three very effective cures for acne. 1. A topical antibiotic in foam form that is absorbed easily, ridding your skin of all that oil and is also residue free so you need not worry over what is left on your skin. 2.

Another method would be the Photo-dynamic Therapy, where a topical medicine is applied and left for a time period ranging from half an hour to an hour for absorption and then it is zapped with a pulsing light. The sessions may last for up to three hours with a 2 to 4 weeks gap. However, the method is effective in keeping your skin oil free and bacteria free and hence also pimple free for months or even years. 3.

Velac is a lethal combination for your pimples with a combination of topical antibiotic and retinoid cream. The combined effect is a whole lot faster and potent for acne of all sorts. With so much help available you might soon be able to flaunt clear skin yourself.

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