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How Can You Lose lbs a Week

It seems that our society revolves around losing weight. Today there are more women, men, and children that are overweight than ever before. Being skinny brings about self worth, so people try to lose 10 lbs a week or more as quickly as possible. Everyone stresses out over their appearance, and worries about how other individuals see them. Dieting is a way to lose weight without damaging your body.

Being overweight can cause numerous illnesses; high blood pressure issues, stroke, and diabetes are on the top of the list.

Over the years people have heard about quick easy ways to lose weight. However, they have also heard about some diets causing tragic results, and these stories have thrown a scare into people, rightly so, because losing weight too fast definitely has very dire drawbacks. When a person does without food in this way, it breaks down and lowers a personal perspective of dieting.

There is one major requirement that must be followed; and under no circumstance can you deter from this requirement. That is DETERMINATION.

Without this determination, commitment and dedication you may find yourself falling off the wagon, so to speak. Once you determine to lose 10 lbs a week or so, or whatever your goal is during your dieting endeavor, then you will begin to see definite results.

There are several safe and reliable ways to lose weight.

One of the most used diets that people use is that of cutting back on their food intake. This type of dieting is not considered a diet at all, but a cutback of the food that you would normally eat. This is probably the safest way to lose weight there is.

Instead of piling food on your plate, just get one piece of chicken. Instead of getting two scoops of potatoes only get one. Some people eat lots of bread, but by portioning your breads in the same manner will help you also lose more weight. Fight back the hunger pains that may lead you back to the refrigerator for a snack.

Remember DETERMINATION is the key.

Drinking plenty of water also helps to break down those fatty tissues in your body. Water helps to burn away unwanted calories in your body, then disposing of them through your urinary track. Just drinking 8oz of water three times a day will eliminate several unwanted pounds.

Eating grapefruit as part of your breakfast diet is another essential way to burn away tissue. Grapefruit juice is a very good source for losing weight.

This will increase your goal to lose 10lbs a week. However do not just eat grapefruit because you will be losing other valuable vitamins and minerals.

There have been many people young and old that has tried this form of dieting with fantastic results. So there is no need to go weigh yourself shortly after eating but rather wait for about a week and then go to the scales.

Record your weight and the date.
Do the same thing the second week, then the third week, until you have reached your desired weight.

Following these few suggestion will produce very satisfying results in achieving your goal of losing 10lbs a week.


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