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Causes and Cures for Wrinkles

Wrinkles, especially the ones under the eyes, are perhaps one of the problems that nobody could ever stay away from. It's not that people want to have them. It's just that wrinkles always manage to creep into their lives no matter what they do. So what are the causes of wrinkles? Here are some of them. 1. Age- yes, this is common knowledge since wrinkles are always associated with old age.

There's this ongoing concept and belief that the more wrinkles present, the older the person is. Who can blame such thought? With age, any person loses the elasticity of his or her skin. This is usually associated with the collagen fibers no longer efficient in their job. 2. Stress- now this is the bane of anybody's existence. The more stressed a person is, or the more exposed to stress a person is, the more that he or she will develop wrinkles, especially on the face.

This is usually due to the fact that there are some hormones released (while some are not released) during stress which often increase or hype up the inflammatory system of the body, thereby leading to a lot of other physiologic problems and thus result to skin aging and thus, wrinkles. 3. Pollution- okay, so to some people this is common knowledge, while to some, it is not.

With pollution, especially with air pollution, there are radicals and toxins that can harm your body, especially the skin cells. No matter how long or how frequent the exposure to the pollution is, the skin cells will be harmed greatly, and thus give an unhealthy appearance. 4. Diet- there is a lot of foods that really introduce wrinkles. Two of the major culprits are fat rich and excessive sugar containing foods. These two often impede or slow down blood circulation, thus lessening the blood supply to the skin cells, hence, wrinkles.

As usual, to every problem there is a remedy and wrinkles are no exception to the rule. Here are some solutions to help solve any wrinkle problem. 1.

Diet- try eating organic foods and the ones that have moderate fat and sugar content. Want to be sure of what you are eating? Have a variety of fresh fruits in your daily intake. 2. Exercise- this will improve blood circulation in all parts of the body, thus ensuring that every one of your cells (not just your skin's) will get their equal share of nutrition and oxygen supply from the blood. 3. Under eye wrinkle cream- this is for those nasty under eye wrinkles.

These wrinkles often are the ones most people, especially the women, are very conscious about. There are a lot of under eye wrinkle creams in the stores and even in the internet, so choose carefully before paying for a bottle, or tube, or pot. 4. Relax- stay away from stress or just plainly de-stress. How? Go to a spa to have a full body massage, or rent and watch all of your favorite movies with your friends and loved ones, or take a day off from work and have a deep sleep.

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