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Behind The Scenes Makers diet

This is the day of vanity. In these times, people judge others entirely upon first impressions, and the first impression is always via the outward appearance. If you are dressed sloppy at a first encounter, than you are considered a sloppy person thereafter. If you are overweight, then you are also judged accordingly.

Vanity is a serious issue and is often addressed in Christian environments, such as the church. If you are diet hopping, going from one diet to another on a regular basis, always attempting to lose weight so you can "fit" the standards of the other skinny individuals, then you may appear vain to those that attend church with you. If, however, you can say, "I'm on a Christian diet plan so I can get healthy," then no one will consider you vain. There is such a plan. It is called the Makers diet.

It is completely scripture based. The interesting part of this plan is the man behind it, and his story. Before we get into this, let us first tell you that this plan is proven, time and again. Jordan's Story It all began with a young man named Jordan Rubin. Rubin, a resident of Florida, discovered that he had a serious medical condition at the age of nineteen.

For some reason, undiagnosed by doctors, Rubin's weight plunged suddenly, without explanation. He went from 180 pounds to 104 in an extremely short time. The result of the sudden weight loss was an incredible amount of medical issues, such as arthritis, cramps, chronic diarrhea, depression, infections, and many more. Hopeless Eventually physicians managed to find that Rubin was suffering from an extreme case of Crohn's disease. He was notified that the only way that he would survive was to take a large amount of medications.

Each of these medicines came with a severe side effect. The depression steadily worsened. The end result looked grim. Rubin's family and friends began to lose hope that he would survive.

Rubin suffered through one horrible treatment and therapy after another with physicians around the globe looking for a way to keep him alive. In the end, there was no hope to be found and he went home to live out his last few days around family and friends. The Miracle Rubin's father was bound and determined to not give up on his son. He contacted one individual after another, searching for some form of hope, some possibility at merely keeping him alive. What he found was one man who told him that his son's problem was that his food was not biblical in nature. With nothing left to lose, Rubin spoke with the nutritionist and began studying the Bible.

Combining the knowledge that he found therein, he designed a plan. Slowly, as he integrated this new diet into his eating habits, he began to feel better. Week by week Rubin's strength returned. Today, Rubin is in top shape. The truly amazing part is that the Crohn's disease disappeared. This is impossible, doctor's say, yet the proof is there.

It could only be a miracle. Rubin travels around the globe these days, helping others with the Makers diet, healing, curing, and helping people lose weight and become their utmost physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are many diets to choose from out there, with many big financial institutions and celebrities backing them. Nevertheless, do you want the diet backed by rich movie stars, or the one backed by God Himself?.


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