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Adding More Muscle to Your Fitness

Give yourself a fair chance: No, don't switch off and skip this article because you have as much interest in weight-training as a bird-watcher has in cricket. If you have stayed with us so far, you would have realised that we have always seen fitness as a vital instrument that helps you discover yourself. And discovering oneself is an exciting life-long voyage. In this eternal adventure, you never know what little nugget of information or capsule of experience may come in handy in focusing more sharply into yourself. Take this friend of ours who has enrolled her ten-year-old daughter for every course imaginable-painting, tennis, singing, dancing, swimming, acting, elocution.

the list is endless Do you think she is overdoing it? Not at all. You will realise why when you hear her wise reasoning: If I don't give my daughter every opportunity possible, how will she know whether she has an interest or talent in a particular field? she says, "By exposing her to as wide a range of activities as are available, I'm hoping to give her a fair chance to discover for herself where her interests lie." That is what we are talking about. As long as you turn your face away from any fitness-oriented activity, how do you know you wouldn't be missing something you would have enjoyed? if you are already scoring a century on your score-card, bless you! And now who knows? You may be ready for something more. Even if you don't feel like reading about weight ­training at this stage, pick up the book again in a month or two.

And go through this chapter. Give yourself a fair chance. You are a natural weight-trainer You may not have thought about it quite this way, but you have always been a weight-trainer. As a waddling toddler, didn't you derive a special joy from carrying things to and fro? Remember, how you would pick up an Object - however heavy - to satisfy your curiosity? Then, later, you hefted your school-bag on your shoulder. In college, you walked around with your notes and books. And later, groceries, a briefcase, a suitcase, your own baby.

Ah, you are getting the picture, aren't you? We understand why you were initially put off by the subject. Say the word Weight-training' and what image does it conjure up? A bicep giant Standing with feet apart in front of a huge bar-bell. He bends down, grasps the bar with his massive hands, grunts and. heave-ho! That's not have in mind - because that kind of body-building is not about fitness. It is purely to display a superhuman physique or monstrous strength. Our, weight-training is done with light weights.

It is for us, human folk, who just want to lead fit, happy lives. So, there is nothing to fear or even be indifferent about. For, you won't end up looking like those muscled amazons or those W.

W.F. wrestlers by following our weight-training tips.

To reach their 'overweight-muscle' level, you have to work extremely hard and intensely-whichever sex you belong to on loads that would stagger a lorry! Granted if you are a man, you may muscle up a bit and sport that slightly bicep look. But, surely, you won't have any complaint against that! And if you are a woman, you will probably be petrified at the thought of looking masculine. Perish the thought! You need not worry about looking like a female Tarzan because you just don't have enough of testosterone, the male hormone that goes into giving that muscled look.

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