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A Treadmill Exercise Routine Provides Advantages for Your Health

Studies have shown that walking is the premiere exercise. It can be done by almost anyone at anytime. Walking on a regular basis helps one live longer and healthier.

There are many people who do not exercise simply because they don't know what to do or exercise is inconvenient. A simple treadmill exercise routine is the answer for many people as it is convenient, readily can fit into one's schedule, offers healthy benefits anc can be fun too. Taking control of the exercise is important for a good treadmill exercise routine. Treadmill exercise routines provide the typical benefits of a cardio exercise. A person walking on a treadmill can strengthen the heart and improve their cardiovascular fitness. This will improve one's blood circulation and maintain good heart blood pressure.

Of course using this exercise machine does not guarantee a longer live but the fitness benefits gained will provide a healthier and better overall quality of life. Additionally this exercise tends to play on a person's genetic traits and in this respect may prolong a one's life. The use of a treadmill exercise routine does not take a great deal of time to provide beneficial results. Many people are able to do their routines over a lunch break.

Experts can recommend a complete series of plans for routines to do on different days to keep your exercise from becoming too routine and mundane. A typical routine usually provides a mix of hill climbs, long slow easy walks, brisk power walks, and speed intervals. One can also add unique strength moves and perhaps use hand weights to create a cumulative effect for overall fitness. One idea for a treadmill exercise routine is to create a 3 month plan. During each week within this plan create different routines and goals for each week. If you are just starting week one might just be slower walks to get comfortable on the treadmill.

Then for the next few weeks you might designate some days of the week as cardio days, some as strength days etc. Then craft a plan so that each Monday you will be doing a particular routine until you get everyday planned for you 3 months. You will want to have some days for inclines and some for intervals. You may choose to have one day that has a little bit of each technique. Write your plan down and keep a journal of your progress.

At the end of your 3 months, evaluate your treadmill exercise routine and use your notes to create a new plan or just tweak your existing plan for use for another 3 months. While this is just an example to get you thinking, remember there are internet resources and books that detail additional ideas that you can use to create your own treadmill exercise routine.

Author Jerry Cahill has written extensively about fitness health solutions. See his work on Treadmills at his website Treadmills

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